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Benefits of ReVDAP

Superior Economy:

ReVDAP costs a FRACTION of what traditional in-house vibration programs cost. For example, if a plant has 100 critical machine trains that it wants monitored on a monthly basis, it must hire, train and provide employee benefits for a vibration analyst. To do this, the plant's annual cost is approximately $100,000/year. With ReVDAP, however, the total annual cost to analyze the same number of machines is only $37,200—a fraction of the in-house cost. And the only requirement is for a customer to collect the data. Anyone can collect vibration data—it's the analysis that's difficult. We even provide totally FREE on-site data collector training (no training cost, no travel costs = $0).

Superior Accuracy:

ReVDAP provides superior accuracy (~99%) compared to any in-house program and, with five professional analysts reviewing the data, how could it not? ReVDAP's accuracy is made possible by implementing multiple independent reviews, analyzing data on three successively higher levels of knowledge and experience and by combining analysts with diverse backgrounds and certifications. ReVDAP's high level of accuracy results in improved equipment reliability, reduced maintenance costs and fewer component failures. That is what you want, isn't it?

Superior Efficiency:

ReVDAP is exceptionally efficient because five VAI Professional Analysts can accurately analyze 320 machine-trains per month for the same cost it would take to hire an entry-level analyst (without all the problems). And even if you could hire an "exceptional" vibration analyst, it would be nearly impossible for him or her to accurately analyze 320 machine-trains per month because of all the emergent issues, non-core duties, vacation/sick leave and time spent collecting the data. The bottom line is that ReVDAP is available for a fraction (~1/3) of what it would cost to hire permanent employees to analyze your data.

Global Availability:

By using the Internet and satellite communication channels, customers worldwide can now access the most powerful and accurate data analysis process at the speed of light. ReVDAP is available for any plant, any location, any country. ReVDAP can even support the International Space Station, remote facilities in Antarctica, oilrigs at sea, as well as Marine and Navy transport vessels.

Additional Benefits Unique to ReVDAP:

ReVDAP Frees Up Personnel:

Did you know that 95% of all machinery vibration data is good? But that also means that in order to find any vibration issues, your analyst must spend 95% of his or her time looking at large quantities of 'good' vibration. The examination of good data does nothing to improve machinery health—it's the 'bad' data analysts need to focus on. With ReVDAP, that's exactly what happens. We analyze the data for you more accurately, affordably and efficiently. And by freeing up your analyst, he or she can focus on more important plant issues, perform more advanced tests, troubleshoot component issues, perform field inspections and work with maintenance personnel to resolve ongoing issues. That is what you want them doing, isn't it?

ReVDAP Includes FREE 24/7 Technical Support:

ReVDAP is like having a team of Professional Vibration Analysts on call 24-7 when you need help. And when you need it, we'll be here. All you have to do is call us. We also offer 24/7 technical support to all other clients for a reasonable fee and accept all major credit cards.

We offer technical support in the following areas:

  • Analysis of emergent issues
  • Technical issues
  • Help with component balancing (sanity checks)
  • ODS testing guidance and data interpretation
  • Help with software and equipment setup

For our ReVDAP customers, our 24/7 Technical Support includes one FREE on-site plant visit (Continental US) by three of our professional analysts for a total of 4.5 man-days. During our visit, we will help out with almost any vibration-related issue. This includes:

  • Data Collector Training
  • Verifying all data points are marked and in the best location
  • Collecting digital images to support future troubleshooting
  • Balancing rotating components and/or Balancing Training
  • Performing ODS and advanced component testing
  • Database set-up, optimization and maintenance

ReVDAP Eliminates Employee Turnover Issues:

In the past, when a vibration analyst left, retired or took another position, you needed to find, hire and train a replacement. But with ReVDAP, you can eliminate all the associated administrative problems, such as:

  • Job posting
  • Sourcing and screening new candidates
  • Interviewing and selecting candidates
  • Relocation assistance expenses
  • Formal training expenses
  • On-the-job "lessons learned"

ReVDAP eliminates these problems because we can do the "brain work" at our facility—all we need is your staff to collect the data. For your convenience, we provide free on-site data collector training in the Continental US.

Worldwide Program Standardization:

ReVDAP is a world-class data analysis process for a number of reasons:

  1. Each analyst is required to be ISO-certified as a Category II, III or IV analyst.
  2. Each analyst is assigned a position on the team based on his or her level of certification, knowledge and experience.
  3. Each position on the team has specific job functions and responsibilities.
  4. All data is processed in the direction of increasing knowledge and certification.
  5. Peer and supervisory checks are performed to ensure the accuracy of our analysis, as well as the growth and development of each person on our team.
  6. ReVDAP meets the needs of all manufacturers and industrial plants worldwide.
  7. ReVDAP is available worldwide and has none of the problems that plague in-house programs.
  8. ReVDAP can be immediately implemented at any facility.

ReVDAP truly is the industry's first standardized world-class vibration program.