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Database Management

Database Creation, Optimization and Maintenance:


Analysts need formal training before they can create a world-class database. This training must include topics such as selecting the proper data point locations, data analysis parameters, overlap, frequency ranges, resolution, types of averages, windows, filters, measures and units and more. The recommended course is our combined ISO Category I and II training course.

In addition, analysts need training on the vibration software and test equipment because they rarely have time to read lengthy operating/instruction manuals. One company we've worked with invested heavily in new test equipment and software, but when the items arrived on-site, plant personnel discovered the manuals were each 500 pages long!

The following screen prints show a few of the terms and definitions analysts must be familiar with when creating a new vibration database:

Database Problems:

Just because your staff is collecting and analyzing vibration data does NOT mean your program is world-class. That's because the quality of any vibration program is directly related to the quality of the data collected. For example, incorrect data analysis parameters can result in lost or bad data and unexpected component failures. Here are just a few of the problems we've discovered in the industry:

  • One client had their sensor power turned off. This meant they were only measuring the background noise in their analyzer for months. They wondered why their vibration levels were always low.
  • Another client routinely collected data up to 20,000 Hz, not knowing magnetically attached probes have an upper frequency range of only ~2,000 Hz.
  • Another client became frustrated with trying to setup their new database and finally just shelved the equipment.
  • Another client had ~250 components divided into 32 databases with some databases containing as few as two machines.

Database Management:

It can take untrained personnel weeks, if not months, to build a world-class database. In addition, database management requires on-going maintenance which many clients don't know how to do and often don't have time to learn.

VAI's Solution:

VAI can create, maintain and optimize your world-class database. In most cases, we can create a database in just one week. We will even walk-down your plant equipment to verify all points are marked and in the best location. We will also collect and analyze a complete set of data and ensure your new database is functioning correctly.

If you need help with your database, give us a call. We'll have your database up and running in days—not weeks or months.

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