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Remote Data Analysis - ReVDAP

Need help analyzing your vibration data? We can help!  Our patented Remote Vibration Data Analysis Process (ReVDAP) is measurably superior to all other vibration programs in terms of:

The main strength of ReVDAP is the team of five professional analysts that will analyze your data for a fraction of what it would cost to hire an entry-level employee. In many cases, ReVDAP costs about 1/3 of the traditional in-house cost. 

In the ReVDAP process, each team of analysts includes:

  • Two (2) ISO-certified Category II analysts
  • Two (2) ISO-certified Category III analysts
  • One (1) ISO-certified Category IV analyst (fewer than 100 worldwide)

As a result of the multiple internal peer and supervisory checks, team diversity and manner in which all data is analyzed, clients utilizing ReVDAP are given measurably superior accuracy, affordability, efficiency, availability and customer benefits.



Over the years, we've come across many industrial sites that have wanted to implement an in-house vibration program, but were unable to because of the costs. Of those that were able to, many did not achieve the desired results because of traditional in-house program difficulties, such as:

  • The high cost for an analyst's salary and benefits
  • High start-up costs for vibration test equipment and software
  • Expensive "lessons learned" (component failures, high repair costs, etc.)
  • New employee training expenses
  • Employee turnovers
  • Poor database management
  • Variations in knowledge, training and experience
  • No standard model for a world class vibration program

After taking those difficulties into consideration, we knew any new program or process we developed had to provide superior results without any of the traditional problems. The single biggest breakthrough came when we realized the Internet can and should be an integral part of the process. By utilizing the Internet, we can accurately and affordably analyze vibration data for any customer anywhere for a fraction of the in-house cost. The Internet also allows us to respond to emergent issues at any time, accurately, efficiently and at the speed of light.


Compare Your Program to ReVDAP:

In the traditional vibration program, there is usually one analyst valiantly trying to support an entire plant. Responsibilities include data collection, data analysis, component troubleshooting, reporting, resolving emergent issues and, quite often, many non-core duties. In addition, and too many times, the analyst is called in during off-hours, weekends and holidays.

Now consider the knowledge and capabilities of an analyst in a traditional program:

  • A Category-I analyst with no prior experience knows enough to 'speak the language' (or be dangerous).
  • A Category-II analyst with 1 year experience is correct about 70% of the time, but that means he'll be wrong about 1/3 the time!
  • A Category-III analyst with 10 years experience is right about 85% of the time.
  • A Category-IV analyst with 20 years experience is right about 95% of the time.
  • And anyone claiming they can accurately analyze all vibration problems is lying or probably too costly to employ.

With ReVDAP, a team of five professional and diverse ISO-certified vibration analysts independently analyze all vibration data, resulting in an overall accuracy of ~99%. Each team, by process design, includes:

  • Two (2) ISO Certified Category II Analysts
  • Two (2) ISO Certified Category III Analysts
  • One (1) ISO Certified Category IV Analyst (fewer than 100 worldwide)

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Overview of the ReVDAP process:

Step 1 (refer to above figure):

First, an ISO Certified Category IV analyst performs a complete “scrub” of new customer databases to ensure all issues are identified and corrective actions are in place. This review includes spectral trend, waveform and overall trend analyses. In addition, comparative analyses are performed between identical machine trains to ensure accurate results.

Step 2

In the next step, two ISO-certified Category II analysts kick off the review each week by independently analyzing all new data for step changes, increasing trends and new frequencies—all of which point to degrading equipment conditions. All issues are properly identified and forwarded to the Category III analysts for a more detailed analysis. By having two Category II analysts examine all data, the possibility of any issue slipping through the cracks is significantly reduced—just one of many proactive steps ReVDAP implements to ensure accurate results.

Step 3

In this step of the process, two ISO-certified Category III analysts independently analyze the issues identified by the Category II analysts. This includes identifying the cause of each issue and providing accurate corrective recommendations. The Category III analysts also go back and provide a "sanity" check of the data analyzed by the Category II analysts to ensure no issues have been missed.

Step 4

The ISO Category IV analyst then independently analyzes all component issues identified by the team. He or she also ensures that the analysis and corrective recommendations are complete and accurate and designates the defect severity level of each issue.

Step 5

At the completion of each weekly review, an accurate and detailed electronic report is issued to the customer. Every week thereafter, we repeat the entire process to maintain the highest level of reliability for your equipment.

We also provide our ReVDAP customers with FREE 24/7 support. This includes weekends and holidays.

All this and more for a fraction of the traditional in-house cost.