Vibration Test Equipment: Sales, Rentals and “Loaners”


We provide FREE loaners to approved clients who contract us to analyze their data. These loaners are available for use when a client’s meter is being recalibrated or repaired, or when another meter is needed for use by multiple plants to get “caught-up” on their data collection schedule.


For clients looking for the absolute best price on a new CSI vibration meter, we guarantee the lowest prices to clients who select VAI to help with their data analysis.


This may be the best option for companies who want to try out CSI’s vibration test equipment before buying.  We also rent to companies who need a rental unit while their meter is being recalibrated or repaired.

Vibration Database Management:

Need help building an accurate database that uses the correct data analysis parameters and efficient routes? We provide affordable rates and can build databases for up to 500 machine-trains in as little as one (1) week. Click here for more information.

Contract Analysts:

VAI has Analysts to support short term needs for companies who are “on-hold” waiting for a new hire, employee on sick leave. We’ll even support your program while your Vibration Analyst goes on vacation.  Need help collecting data or a data collector training course?  We do it all and for one (1) monthly fee.

24/7 Emergent Data Analysis:

We provide 24/7 emergent data analysis support and guarantee a response in 2-hours. We accept Purchase Orders and Credit Cards (VISA, AMEX and MASTERCARD).  Be ready to email screen prints showing the following data plots, to and


    • Spectral trend plots for all outboard and inboard (H V A) points, and on both the driver and all driven machines
    • Waveform trend plots for each of the above points
    • A comparative analysis plot of all data points across the machine
    • A comparative analysis plot between identical machines; one for each point.

Special Applications:

For more specific, classified or other needs, please call us at 815-742-1793

Payment Options:

We accept Purchase Orders, Credit Cards (VISA, AMEX and MASTERCARD) as well as pre-approved Business Checks.

Vibration Analysts Inc. offers a wide variety of technical support and field services. For more information click below:

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