Vibration Analysts Inc (VAI) is the leader in providing accurate and timely solutions for managed vibration programs worldwide. When technical training, machinery reliability, accurate data analysis and 24/7 technical support are critical to your plant operations, you can rely on us. Our technically trained and qualified ISO Category IV Certified Vibration Analysts and Component Specialists are available 24/7 to support your every need. We also offer Remote Vibration Analysis Services to clients who wish to collect their own data and send it to us for analysis: exceptionally accurate, very affordable and easy to implement.



We provide clients a full range of accurate and affordable vibration program services, including:


  • Machinery Vibration Data Analysis
  • Component Balancing Services
  • Vibration Database Management
  • Technical Vibration Training
  • ODS Testing
  • Advanced Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Technical Vibration Training
  • Precision Component Balancing
  • Test Equipment Sales and Rentals
  • Challenges Facing In-House Programs

Our core business since 2003 has been analyzing machinery vibration data for our clients. Because of our quality services and reputation, we now have over 100 clients worldwide.



Vibration Analysts on Call for 24/7 Technical Support

Vibration Analysts, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with world-class service from start to finish. And we offer accurate and affordable data collection and analysis. In addition, oustomers are also given free 24-7 access to their vibration database.

We also hire only highly skilled professionals including ISO Certified Vibration Analysts, Professional Engineers, Rotating Component Specialists and Thermographers.


For more information about how we can meet your needs, call us at 815-742-1793.



About the Founder

Ray Rhoe portraitRay W. Rhoe is President of Vibration Analysts, Inc.  Ray graduated from The Citadel in 1978, and obtained a Professional Engineer’s License. He started working in a “Noise and Vibration Group” at an east coast shipyard responsible for building and overhauling US Navy nuclear submarines.  Ray later became the company’s Pump Component Engineer, and then transferred to a large nuclear power utility working as their Pump Component Specialist. By combining his pump and vibration experience, and by attending several advanced vibration training courses, Ray worked his way up to become their Plant Vibration Engineer.  While working in the nuclear industry, Ray completed a large Operating Deflection Shape Test (ODS) test on a 1250-megawatt Turbine Generator and two (2) elevations of the Main Turbine Building. Ray’s experience also includes precision single plane balancing jobs, troubleshooting structural resonances, and providing ISO Vibration Certification Training (Categories I, II and III).


Ray’s Professional Training includes:

Practical Solutions to Machinery Vibrations – Update International
ISO Level I / Category II Vibration Certification – Vibration Institute
ISO Category III Vibration Certification – Vibration Institute
ISO Category IV Vibration Certification – Vibration Institute
Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) and Modal Analysis – CSI Inc.
Basic Machinery Diagnostics – Bently / Nevada
Advanced Machinery Diagnostics – Bently / Nevada
Balancing and Rotor Dynamics – Vibration Institute
Finite Element Analysis – RODYN


As an ISO Category IV Analyst, Ray provides the following training courses:

Vibration Data Collector
Single Plane Balancing
ISO Category I Vibration Certification
ISO Category II Vibration Certification
ISO Category III Vibration Certification
CSI AMS Software Training (Vibration Database Management)



Discuss Your Project with Our Vibration Analysts

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Every project is unique and we’re here to help you develop solutions to your business’s unique challenges when it comes to vibration analysis. We’re professionals with decades of experience in both analysis and in training other analysts. We can help you get the job you need done finished on time and under budget.

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