Component Balancing

Balancing Support:

Vibration Analysts, Inc. provides precision on-site balancing services.

Components are first inspected for any issues that might limit the quality of the balance job. This includes dirt buildup, bent shafts, excessive bearing clearances, loose parts, degraded bearings, soft-foot, foot-related resonance, misalignment and more. After precision balancing, we will collect and analyze a set of high-resolution data to identify any other issues that could affect the results.

Reasons For Balancing:

There are many reasons why a component may need to be balanced:

  • Dirt build-up (typically on fans)
  • Erosion (pump impellers)
  • Corrosion of internal parts
  • Casting imperfections, voids and inclusions
  • Mismatched lengths of keys and keyways
  • Mechanical and thermal distortion
  • Shifting mass due to loose parts and poor tapered hub fits
  • Previous unsuccessful balancing attempts
  • Improper assembly of parts

Types Of Unbalance:

Component unbalance can be “single-plane” or “multi-plane”. Single-plane is the most common and is corrected by adding a balance weight in one plane. Multi-plane balancing requires the addition of correction weights in two or more planes. When these weights are placed in the same location, say 12:00, the component has a “static” unbalance. When the weights are opposed by 180 degrees, the component has a “couple” unbalance. For all other conditions, the component has a “dynamic” unbalance.

Balancing Procedure:

Single-plane balancing is relatively easy, but expensive component damage, personal injury or death may occur if inexperienced personnel attempt to balance a component.  Single-plane balancing is relatively easy, but requires a minimum of three – four runs if a trim balance is needed. Multi-plane balancing is more complicated and personnel should use a computer balancing program.

Balancing Training:

VAI offers a two-day on-site balancing training course and we will provide this training to an unlimited number of attendees for one low cost. Our course includes one full day of classroom instruction, during which time each attendee will have the opportunity to perform single and dual-plane balancing on a variable speed motor to demonstrate training proficiency. The second day will be spent balancing a component in the field.

The following forms are provided for analysts who are proficient and experienced in field balancing:

For more information about balancing, or our balancing training course, contact us at 815-742-1793.

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