Vibration Data Analysis

Do you need help analyzing your machinery vibration data? If so, VAI is the industry’s leader and achieved this position by developing and patenting a unique data analysis process.  Not only will your data be quickly and accurately analyzed by a team of five (5) ISO Certified Vibration Analysts who have a combined 100 years of experience, but our patented data analysis process ensures our service is superior to all others in terms of:

Our patented process is superior because it allows us to assign five (5) professional ISO Certified Analysts to analyze all data, and each team can accurately analyze it for about 1/3 the cost it would take to hire an in-house Analyst – without all the headaches. Each team member has an active ISO Certification, and is fully trained and experienced to analyze your data. Furthermore, each team has:

  • Two (2) ISO Certified Category II Analysts
  • Two (2) ISO Certified Category III Analysts
  • One (1) ISO Certified Category IV Analyst (fewer than 100 worldwide)

As a result of multiple internal peer and supervisory checks, three (3) levels of data analysis, and our patented process, VAI provides exceptional accuracy, affordability, timely notification of machine issues, and many customer benefits. Some of the benefits include FREE 24/7 emergent support and fewer headaches as compared to managing an in-house program.  And since each team has approximately 100 man-years of combined technical experience, the accuracy of our analysis approaches 100%.


Why Choose VAI?

The simple answer is, VAI can do it faster, better, and for less.  Many plants have attempted to start up in-house vibration programs, but were unable to do so for different reasons. These reasons include:

  • Mainly not knowing where to start. What vibration test equipment and software to use.  How to build a vibration database. Which machines to consider, and why.
    • VAI knows what software and test equipment to use, because our Analysts have different backgrounds and work experience.  They have used different software and test equipment, and when they come to VAI, their share their thoughts with each other. Together we have learned who makes the best test equipment and software, and we use it.
    • We have built literally hundreds of databases for clients worldwide. We are also responsible for the continued maintenance and optimization of these databases.
    • We know what machines to add to the database, and how frequently each machine should be trended.
  • Under-estimating the complex and technical nature of vibration data analysis. The Vibration Analysis technology is much more complex than Ultra-Sonics, Thermography, and motor diagnostics. If you don’t believe us, then just ‘audit’ an ISO Category I course (entry level).
    • VAI’s Analysts have a minimum ISO Category II certification and many years of job experience.
    • We have the needed component design and operating experience
    • We know how to use the software and test equipment
    • And we have experienced Data Collectors.
    • Long story short, you can’t just pick up a book, read it, and create a World Class Vibration Program. If you know anyone who can, VAI would like to meet them.
  • Many plants suffer from high turnover rates (of their Vibration Analysts).
    • Simply stated, when someone attends technical training and they get some kind of industry recognized certification, chances are good they will end up sending out a resume.  By contracting VAI, you don’t have to provide anyone with formal training, and you won’t have a revolving open-door hiring policy.
  • Plant management often fails to understand what it takes to develop and maintain a World Class Vibration Program.
    • One company (whose name will not be mentioned) assigned their ISO Cat. IV Vibration Analyst “House Keeping” and other non-core duties, so much so that when everything was considered, he left and started his own (and very successful) business.
  • Plant management often fails understand what a vibration program can and cannot do (misplaced expectations).
    • For example, Vibration Programs cannot tell you the actual run time to failure for any machine.  Much like the tires on your car; do you know how many miles you will get from the tires on your car? You should know, it’s your car!  Actually, no.  What you do is look at the tread and make an intelligent decision.  At first, the tires are like new – no problem (code “GREEN”).  After a year or so, the tires are worn and you know you’ll need a new set but still some time into the future (code “BLUE”).  As the tires continue to wear, you get to where they have minimal (barely legal tread). You know it’s time to get a new set of tires installed (code “YELLOW”).  But if you don’t and keep driving the car, the tread may disappear or the cords become exposed (code “RED”). At this point, why would you continue to drive on the tires? You know they need to be replaced and have a high probability of damage or failure.  A quality vibration program will tell you the overall condition of the machine (GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW or RED) and NOT THE RUN TIME TO FAILURE. What you do with that info (as a manager) is up to you. You know the machine has an issue, so the correct thing to do is schedule corrective maintenance before the machine turns “RED”. On average, a YELLOW machine will give you about three (3) months lead time to make repairs.
    • Machines normally degrade at increasing rates
    • Some machines can bypass any or all of the intermediate color codes between “GREEN” and failure
    • Although very rare, rolling element bearing cage failures will cause a machine to go from GREEN to failure in as little as two (2) hours. It’s the nature of the failure mechanism.
  • Plant Management believes ISO Cat. I or II Analysts will meet their needs.
    • Not true.  If it were VAI could save a LOT of money by only hiring Cat I and II Analysts. But we know what it takes to manage a World Class Vibration Program, and we assign five (5) Analysts to analyze your data.
  • What are the industry best practices, that need to be implemented to create a World Class Vibration Program?
    • VAI knows and implements these practices for all clients.
    • VAI will also create and get your vibration program fully up to speed within two (2) weeks.
    • VAI realizes we must provide your plant with superior results if we are to remain in business, as we have for many years.
    • If you are looking for someone to help you with your vibration program, including vibration data analysis, we can do it.
    • And all you have to do is collect the data and send it to us. We’ll provide FREE on-site Data Collector Training, and mentor your staff as they collect the first round of plant data.

Compare Your Vibration Program to VAI’s:


  • Requires a dedicated company employee
    • $120,000 / yr. salary, including benefits
    • Requires formal vibration training
      • ISO Cat. I, II and III (recommended)
      • Vibration Software Training
      • Data Collector Training
      • Job orientation training
    • Who will support the program and resolve emergent issues when the Analyst is sick, on vacation, or during turnovers?
  • Requires the purchase of expensive computer-based vibration software
  • Requires time for the Analyst to build the vibration database (often months)
  • Requires time for the Analyst to come up to speed and apply what they’ve learned
    • There will be expensive lessons learned and missed opportunities
    • At BEST, a Cat. III Analyst will only achieve an 80% accuracy, and only after five (5) or more years.


  • You collect the data (anyone can collect data)
    • VAI will provide FREE on-site Data Collector Training to your staff
    • VAI will recommend the best vibration test equipment to lease, rent or buy. Either way, you’ll need test equipment DON’T BUY THE WRONG EQUIPMENT!!!
  • There is no computer-based vibration software to purchase. We give you FREE ACCESS to VAI’s software and your database
  • You download the data to VAI’s database
    • VAI provides training during the on-site Data Collector Training course
  • VAI accurately analyzes the data
  • VAI provides timely vibration reports.
  • VAI provides FREE 24/7 Technical Support
    • No cost to analyze emergent issues
    • VAI supports weekends, holidays and off-hours. If it’s your problem, it’s also VAI’s.
  • No New Employee Headaches
    • No job postings, no interviews, no relocation expenses, no salaries, no employee turnovers, no expensive lessons learned, no missed opportunities, no program “time-outs” due to turnovers, sick leave and vacations.
  • Your program will be fully operational within two (2) weeks.
  • All for one low guaranteed fixed price.
  • Call us – we’ll walk you thru the process!

The Details:

  1. To support an in-house vibration program, your company must hire a Vibration Analyst who is responsible for scheduling data collection, the data analysis, reporting findings, database & route management (creation, maintenance and optimization), trending component issues, witnessing maintenance inspections, and supporting emergent off-hour issues. The average cost to hire a competent (Cat. III or IV) Analyst, with benefits, will likely to be $ 120,000 (with benefits).
  2. Expect a constant battle between balancing non-core duties with what the Analyst should be doing. This will likely lead to frustration, poor program management, and possible machine failures. If not unresolved, expect a high turnover rate.
  3. Your company should be aware of the following results based on an Analyst’s ISO Certification and years of experience:
  • Category I Analysts with no prior experience may know enough to be able to ‘speak the language’, but may also be dangerous to themselves and plant equipment. Not recommended.
  • Category II Analysts with 1-year experience will correct about 70% of the time, but that means they will be wrong about 1/3 the time (can you accept a 30% program failure rate?)
  • Category III Analysts with 5-years’ experience will be right about 80% of the time.  Starting salary, including benefits, is around $120,000 plus the cost of a 20% program failure rate.
  • Category IV Analysts with 10 years’ experience will be right about 90% of the time, but there are fewer than 100 worldwide. Expect higher salaries and realize your plant location may have a lot to do with whether you’ll be able to hire an ISO Cat. IV Analyst.
  • Anyone Analyst claiming they can accurately analyze all of your vibration data is lying, or you won’t be able to afford their salary.
  • To date, VAI’s patented data analysis service provides better than 99% accuracy. Just ask our clients.

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