WHY select VAI?

  • Our analysis is the most accurate in the industry because we use a team of five (5) ISO Analysts to analyze all data in a unique assembly line process.
  • Each team of Analysts has approximately 100 man-years of experience.
  • Each team is lead by an ISO Cat. IV Analyst (fewer than 100 worldwide and we have more Cat. IV’s than NASA and the US DOD). E
  • Each team also includes two (2) ISO Cat. III and (2) ISO Cat. II Analysts so that data is analyzed on three (3) levels of increasing knowledge and experience.

Machinery Vibration Data Analysis


VAI’s core service is providing accurate and affordable machinery vibration analysis services for existing vibration programs. We can also start-up and support individual Plant Vibration Programs and Corporate Vibration Programs. As part of our services, we provide the following FREE BENEFITS to clients who contract a monthly data analysis for 30+ machines over 12 consecutive months:


  • FREE On-Site Data Collector Training
  • FREE Database management
  • FREE 24/7 Technical Support
    We provide FREE 24/7 technical support: emergent data analysis, vibration testing and troubleshooting, advanced testing, database management, equipment sales and service, loaner meters, and more. This service is FREE to clients who contract monthly data analysis for 30+ machines over 12 consecutive months.  Just call 815-742-1793 to see how we can help!
  • FREE vibration database access

How We Start Vibration Programs

1. VAI is an approved supplier of the industry’s leading CSI vibration test equipment. Depending on your needs, we provide FREE loaners, new sales, and rental units.


FREE loaners are available to approved clients who contract us to analyze their data. These loaners are available for use when a meter is being recalibrated or repaired, or when another meter is just needed to help multiple plants to get “caught-up” in their data collection activities.



For clients looking for the absolute best price on new CSI test equipment and meters, we guarantee the lowest prices to clients who contract VAI to help with their vibration data analysis.



Rentals may be the best option for companies who want to ‘test’ CSI’s vibration equipment before buying it.  We also rent to companies who may need a rental unit while their meter is being recalibrated or repaired.

Why pay high contractor labor and travel costs?  With proper training, your data collection will be simple and safe. We’ll also monitor your staff (for proficiency and safety) while they collect the first set of data in the field. We’ll also ensure all test points are properly marked and in the best location.


2. We provide FREE Database Creation, Maintenance and Optimization

During our initial visit (to provide Data Collector Training) we’ll also walkdown the plant to collect the data needed to build a database (usually takes 1-3 days). Below is an example of the type of data collected:


  • Machine ID – This is an abbreviated (up to nine (9) characters) ID of each machine.
  • Machine Name – This is the name of the machine – up to 29 characters. (abbreviate as needed)
  • Nominal Speed – This is the unloaded operation speed in rpm. A/C motors will typically operate at 900, 1200, 1800 and 3600 rpm. If the operating speed is not known, we may be able to obtain it from the vibration data.
  • General Component Description – This is what the machine looks like. Describe it as if you would describe it to someone over the phone (see examples above).
  • VFD – Does the unit operate on a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)?

Creating databases also involves creating the “Route(s)”.  “Routes” are lists of machines for which data is to be collected. Routes can be based on machine location (building / service / system / elevation) and are designed to minimize the number of steps taken in the field. The following is an example of a “Route”:

Sample Route List

Routes can contain as few as one (1) machine or as many as 70.  As a general guideline, routes should be limited to 20 – 30 machines. If there are too many, time is wasted scrolling up and down to find the machine. If there are too few, time is wasted switching between routes.

We also provide FREE Database Access to qualified clients. Why spend the time and money to buy and learn the software? We’ve already done that for you.



Once the vibration program is functional, we’ll download and analyze the initial dataset and provide a report.  Then all you need to do is just collect your data. The first five (5) months is the critical period for new vibration programs because a minimum of five (5) monthly datasets are needed to support data trending and analysis. More datasets may be needed for variable speed machines.



Monthly trending is strongly recommended for all CRITICAL machines that have rolling element bearings (REBs). That’s because they can fail in as little as 45 days. Monthly testing will detect these failures so they can be prevented, but more infrequent trending may not.

Here’s how our Data Analysis Process works:

1. VAI’s ISO Cat. IV Analysts analyze THE FIRST FIVE (5) Datasets:

Our ISO Cat. IV Analysts analyze the first five (5) datasets and work with clients to resolve any critical machine issues.  These analysts have the highest level of certification and experience in the industry, and there are fewer than 100 worldwide.  VAI also has more ISO Cat. IV’s than NASA and the US DOD.

2. Two (2) ISO Cat. II Analysts

Beginning with the 6th dataset, two (2) Cat. II analysts independently review all now data coming in, to identify step changes, increasing trends and new frequencies. They then forward all issues to the ISO Cat. III’s for a detailed analysis. The following shows an example of what the ISO Cat. II’s look for:




3. Two (2) ISO Cat. III Analysts

In the next step, two (2) ISO Cat. III Analysts INDEPENDENTLY analyze all issues.  These Analysts have different backgrounds and levels of experience and consider all possible failure modes. They also generate recommended corrective actions and forward the issues to an ISO Cat. IV Analyst who performs the highest level of review possible.

4. ISO Cat. IV Analyst

The ISO Cat. IV Analyst then performs the highest level of review possible. He also determines defect severity (GREEN / BLUE / YELLOW / RED), issues the report, and provides FREE 24/7 Technical Support to qualified clients. They also provide on-going database maintenance and optimization.

Since we have more ISO Certified Cat. IV Analysts than NASA and the US DOD, we can analyze data for very specialized machines, for the machines listed in the Navy’s Submarine Radiated Noise Reports, and meet unique database security requirements. No data is stored on the cloud!


5. Now we just repeat steps 2 – 4


Our Reports

VAI’s reports are very user-friendly and don’t contain any “fluff”. They are simple, concise and easy to understand, and each report provides the following information (screen print below):


  • Component ID: The name or ID of the machine affected
  • Point(s): The point or points affected
  • Frequency(s): The frequency or frequencies affected
  • Plot: Shows the actual machine data with the abnormal section(s) in RED
  • Issue: This section provides a summary of the issue(s).
  • Analysis: This is a summary of what VAI believes the issue is being caused by.
  • Recommendations: These are VAI’s recommended corrective actions. For new programs, many issues may be due to minor changes in operating conditions (temperature, load, pressure, dP, rpm). In these cases, we recommend verifying normal operating conditions and collecting another set of data for a FREE analysis
  • Component Health Color Codes: VAI uses the standard color method for categorizing component health. GREEN means all is well; BLUE means an acceptable low level issue, YELLOW means a low level defect has been determined, to RED … not good!
  • COLORED SIDEBARS: The colored bars, also GREEN / BLUE / YELLOW / RED are located on the right side of the report. These provide the reader with a fast and easy method of determining which machines have the more serious issues. As would be expected, clients usually go straight to the RED

Plant Vibration Programs

Regardless of your manufacturing processes, we can provide accurate and affordable solutions for your plant. We can also analyze vibration data for all types of rotating machines: motors, pumps, fans, chillers, extruders, compressors, gearboxes, unique one-offs and more. For clients who contract us to analyze the data for 30 machine-trains or more for 12-consecutive months, we provide these FREE benefits:


  • FREE On-Site Data Collector Training
  • FREE Database and Route Construction
  • FREE 24/7 Tech Support
  • FREE access to the vibration database



Need help creating a vibration program across multiple plant sites? We can do it! We can also standardize all of the following program attributes:

  • Data Collector Training
  • Vibration Test Equipment and Software
  • Vibration Data Analysis Process
  • Vibration Database Construction and Format
  • Appearance of the Vibration Reports
  • Location of Vibration Test Points
  • We provide one (1) point of contact for all technical issues
  • We offer the lowest prices on CSI’s Test Equipment and software.

Our largest corporate client has ~ 50 plants worldwide, and we analyze the data for all plants’ – references available.




  • You only pay for the machines analyzed – one low monthly cost for up to 30 machines.
  • VAI is not affected by employee illness, turnovers, vacations, strikes or employee transfers.
  • VAI provides FREE On-Site Data Collector Training. Just collect your data and send it to VAI for analysis.
  • VAI ensures all test points are properly located and marked.
  • VAI uses the Industry’s best test equipment and software. Don’t buy the wrong equipment!
  • VAI provides FREE access to the database!
  • VAI’s provides the most accurate analysis in the Industry!
  • VAI provides FREE 24/7 Technical Support!
  • Your program can be up and running in as little as one (1) week.


  • Requires a dedicated employee
    • Salary and benefits: $ 120,000.
    • Consider employee turnovers and hassles of the re-hiring process
    • And who will support the program when on vacation, sick leave or transfers?
  • Requires purchase of vibration database software (can be very expensive)
    • Must allow time for employee to learn the software and build the database (months!)
  • Consider cost of required training and lessons learned while coming up to speed.
    • New Employee Training
    • Technical Training (ISO Cat. I – III)
    • Data Collector Training
    • Database Software Training
  • Will non-core duties provide interfere?
  • Your Employee can’t support the program 24/7
  • Very limited technical abilities for up to 5 years (think potential turnover issues)

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