VAI’s core business is analyzing machinery vibration data and to ensure our success, we ONLY use the best vibration test equipment and software.  For machinery vibration data collection and trending, we use CSI’s vibration test equipment. It’s the best, but don’t take our word for it!  Go to an industry event and ask for a “show of hands” of who uses CSI’s products. The number will probably be ~ 70%.

For other specialized testing, such as the Caesar’s, we use TEAC LX-110 multi-channel recorders.

Our Analysts have tried almost every make and model sold over the past 40 years, and we wouldn’t accept many of the units out there if you gave them to us.

If you’re going to select new test equipment and software, who are you going to believe? A sales rep whose ads are loaded with pretty pictures, or those of us who use the equipment on a daily basis?

VAI ONLY sells what we use, and we only use the industry’s best test equipment and software.

Need a rental unit? If you’re a potential VAI client, we provide FREE loaners for evaluation and if you ever need to send a meter back for repair or recalibration.  We also provide the absolute lowest quotes in the industry for CSI products.

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